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Dupray’s Guide on how to clean up after St-Patrick’s Day https://dupray.com.mx/cdn/shop/articles/st-patrick-s-day-1_1024x1024.jpg?v=1526226488
2024-02-21 Dupray
Dupray’s Guide on how to clean up after St-Patrick’s Day

Dupray’s Guide on how to clean up after St-Patrick’s Day

So, who’s going to pass out after St-Patrick’s Day? Probably a significant amount of people. On a THURSDAY.

Last year, we received a plethora of our customers and clients asking "how do I clean green (type of alohol) out of my (insert adjective here) (piece of furniture / item)?" For example, "how do I clean green beer out of my (white, plush) (sofa)".
Never fear. This year – we got your back.


  • 1. You wake up in a sweaty haze, right after your 6:15 AM alarm shrieks to life. Are you in your bed? No. Are you in your bathroom? No. Are you at least in your apartment? Yes. Okay, good, at least you have one thing working for you. The trick here is to NOT panic. You will probably encounter something that your mother would term as a "cleaning disaster".
  • 2. Drink three cups of coffee, take two aspirin, jump in shower.
  • 3. Immediately go about identifying all green liquids. They are evil. Last year we received two very interesting emails. "Hello Dupray, I spilt some green-tainted beer on my white tile floor. The grout is now permanently green. Would your ONE steam cleaner be able to clean it?". We sent the person to this link.

    The second email: "Thanks for reading my email. Does sticky green makeup glitter wash off from a doggy bed? I have the home steamer and want to try getting it off before I buy my dog a new one".
    We asked for pictures, but both of them were too embarrassed to send anything back. Who can blame them? Just FYI – the answer is yes to both of these emails. Our steam cleaners are up to the task.
  • 4. After finding all stains, spills and messes, fill up your Dupray Steam Cleaner with tap water, attach the tool of choice, and steam away. It is the quickest way to solve your problems before going to work on Friday. (Or, if you were actually intelligent, before going back to bed, because you had the excellent foresight to take the day off).
  • 5. Alternatively, if you’re into pain and suffering, feel free to grab some soap, a mop and six hours of your time. Also, mentally prepare yourself to look at green tiles for the next 5 years, or until you rip the floor out – whichever comes first.
  • 6. If you enjoyed reading our comical St. Patty’s cleanup guide, be sure to follow us on Twitter for more tips, tricks and quips!

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